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Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

State Highway 128 Relocation, Broomfield, Colorado

A portion of State Highway 128 at the north west end of the airport was relocated to accommodate FAA mandated safety area requirements. A nearly 1-mile segment of the highway and a signalized intersection were moved in just 10 months. 

Extensive relocation of gas, water, and power lines and other enabling works were conducted during autumn and winter. Following these initial works, a team of scrapers and excavators worked in close coordination to install 2,000 feet of storm water pipe, achieve a near mass balance of 180,000 cubic yards of earthworks along the narrow and long work site, and construct a storm retention system for the modified surface hydrology.   


The high clay content soil was treated with fly ash followed by an aggregate base course and 15,000 tons of an asphalt surface.

Initial phasing plans did not fully account for the extent of the disruption to the daily flow of public vehicle traffic. The planned duration of the project and inconvenience to the public was untenable. To solve the dilemma, we developed an alternate plan that met quick approval by the local governing body and the FAA.


Our plan modified the construction phasing, altered construction routes and installed a public vehicle detour all of which was summarized in a minimal-cost change to the project. As a result, the contractor had direct and easier access to the site thus expediting the grading phase. Since grading was on the critical path, we shortened the duration of the project and the inconvenience to the public.

Plans can change during construction.  And plans should change if the initial assumptions or existing conditions present an inconvenience or an opportunity for improvement. Vogt CE is adept at creating and delivering alternatives to achieve increased efficiency and reduced duration which in the end save money.

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