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Transportation Construction Engineering Services

Vogt Construction Engineering works with owners, consulting civil engineers responsible for the design of airports and roadways, heavy civil contractors, and others to complete construction projects.


In every project, Vogt CE provides:

  • Accuracy the first time.

  • Alternate strategies that reduce cost and complication.

  • A trustworthy relationship with the owner and all parties that leverages our reputation, industry contacts, and competency.

  • Knowledge of exactly what is happening during your project clear, succinct, and accurate tracking mechani.

Services and Capabilities

Construction Engineering

Contractors focus on construction and engineers deliver design. Vogt Construction Engineers are the unique cross between construction managers and civil engineers.

Vogt CE is the liaison among entities and provides a balanced approach to the processes of construction, professional civil engineering, and the needs of the owner.

Constructability Review

Find out today if your construction documents will produce what you want tomorrow.


Vogt CE maximizes the ease with which a project transitions from design to construction, which is accomplished through constructability reviews that take place periodically throughout the design period.  Our thorough reviews and documented feedback provide clients with the confidence that their project will encounter fewer problems during construction, and just as important, be built as intended.

Vogt CE’s first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges in airport construction mean you get unique insight during the preparation of design documents.  The review of your plans, specifications, and contract documents will cost a little now and save you a lot later.


Vogt CE provides owners, engineers, and contractors the ability to manage progress, minimize delays, and expedite construction as a measurement of time. The timing of engineering design, facility operations, and construction constraints inherent to transportation improvement projects must be looked at closely from beginning to end.  We assist clients in planning work, and working the plan.

Quality Management

Vogt CE provides clients with the assurance that their project will be built correctly the first time. We have extensive experience with testing requirements mandated by specifications and know what is required to deliver a project that meets these stringent test requirements.  Our leaders have experience with tracking and verifying all quality control and quality assurance test requirements during the construction of each specific item, this ensures the successful delivery of the project to the owner.

Quality management in the field doesn’t stop there. You will receive construction reports which include detailed information for testing.  The knowledge gained through delivery and acceptance of each report provides peace of mind that the product received meets the tolerance limits for testing, and the test results will pass any audit.

Similarly, when you work with Vogt CE you receive Construction Management Plans (CMP) to guide the contractor and testing agencies during project execution. Vogt CE chairs pre-activity meetings prior to construction of specific construction elements.  This forum provides guidance and transparency for all team members responsible for delivering quality products.  The coordination before work begins, guidance and review during construction, and acceptance after gives the owner the assurance that the project meets the intent of the specification.

Project Closeout

Vogt CE understands how difficult it is to close out a project and achieve final acceptance.  This is why project documents support the work completed according to the contract.  Our ability to deliver projects that meet the goals of the owner and engineer during construction is followed by attention to detail during closeout.  You get accurate, thorough, and complete closeout documents that withstand audits. The virtual project site described above assists in providing the transparency and ease you are looking for during this closeout phase of a project.

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