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About Vogt Construction Engineering

Vogt Construction Engineering is a consulting firm that provides expert delivery of airfield construction projects by leveraging experienced civil engineers with Professional Engineer and Certified Construction Manager (CCM®) credentials. 

What we do

  • Maintain full-time owner representation through all construction phases

  • Reduce uncertainty of construction project outcomes

  • Anticipate risks to project success, evaluate their impact, and provide comprehensive mitigation options

How we do it

  • Collaboration: we listen, work to understand project needs of all parties, and deliver solutions by remaining flexible, adaptive, and creative

  • Communication: a voice of experience and technical expertise that conveys accurate, complete, and timely information

  • Integrity: we uphold the highest ethical standards while expressing our professional view

What you get

  • A trusted and reliable teammate who leads projects to high quality results

  • An organised and transparent approach to construction delivery

  • Construction improvement goals of quality, timeliness, and cost

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